Good Evening Everyone!

I just wanted to put together a quick blog post detailing my most recent experience with the SEO tool Screpy. I should first start with the fact that no SEO specialist would expect to find such a good deal on AppSumo without asking themselves “Where’s the catch?”. Well thankfully, Screpy offers a free 14-day trial so you don’t need to take my words for granted. Here are my reasons to think why this offer is worth it:

  • Overall Analysis with Tasks – it’s much easier to address technical issues when they’re well explained and when you can simply grant access to Screpy to the people responsible for such technical issues in your company.
  • In-depth report for every single page – you can go through H1 tags, meta descriptions, keywords recommendations, etc for every single page of your website.
  • Track how specific keywords are performing through time – that’s the feature I personally value the most. This way, I can see when exactly a keyword has dropped and can take some actions. Also, I can see if there’s an increasing interest in a certain keyword I am trying to boost.
  • Vulnerabilities – it detects if there are vulnerabilities on some of the Javascript libraries you’re using, so it can prevent a possible data breach.
  • So Affordable! – you get a lifetime deal, and it ​costs as much as it would cost you to pay a 2-3 month membership. So it’s totally worth it.

PS: The only difficulty I experienced was while trying to redeem my code – I couldn’t do it by following the steps outlines on the AppSumo website, so I had to email their support team (I guess that’s related to the fact I first registered for a free trial to see if it’s worth buying it) – keep that in mind!